The term “content marketing” is a wide umbrella, encompassing a nearly infinite number of strategies and variations.

1 – Make infographics an integral part of your content formula

Infographics get shared like crazy.

In fact, “Infographics are Liked and shared on social media 3x more than other content.”

There’s something inherently playful about infographics that makes people “eat ’em up.”

Just check out the number of shares this infographic from a blog  has gotten in 2016:

Pretty impressive.

2 – Create “cornerstone” blog posts

  • create long-form posts (typically over 1,500 words)
  • include a lot of visuals
  • include statistics
  • cover a lot of facts and details that others may not always touch on

Provide the audience with as much value as possible.
Just a few of the benefits of creating comprehensive, long-form content:

  • higher rankings in search engines
  • increased time on site
  • success in social media
  • a position of authority

One technique useful for creating cornerstone content is to treat each blog post like a be-all and end-all guide.
Attack it with the intent of creating a definitive post that will answer nearly any question your audience may have.

Cover the entire spectrum.

Considering scaling back your content and focusing on creating fewer but higher quality in-depth posts rather than churning out dozens mediocre ones.

3 – Get cozy with video
Here are some quick stats regarding the state of live video:

  • “Cisco projects that global Internet traffic from videos will make up 80% of all Internet traffic by 2019.”
  • “4x as many consumers would prefer to watch a video about a product than read about it.”
  • “43% of consumers wanted to see more video content in 2016.”

No matter which way you slice it, a steady diet of video content is going to crank up your traffic

4 – Behold live video
I’d like to take it one step further and discuss a key video trend that’s catching on currently.

And that’s live video.

Platforms such as Facebook, Periscope, and YouTube offer live streaming, allowing your audience to watch your video content in real time.

Live video is one of the top ways to increase engagement levels and bring a massive influx of traffic.
Here are some numbers to back this up:

  • “A significant number (50%) of marketers plan on using live video services, and 50% want to learn more about live video.”
  • “People spend 3x longer watching video which is live compared to video which is no longer live.”
  • “Facebook generates eight billion video views on average per day.”

I love this medium because it allows to create an authentic, one-on-one-connection that’s nearly impossible to create otherwise.

5- Harness the power of content curation

At first thought, content curation might make you feel that you’re being lazy or maybe even unethical, as if you’re a poser who’s taking credit for the hard work of others.

But it’s not like that at all.

In fact, “only 5% of marketers worldwide never share other organization’s content, while nearly 1/3 share blogs, industry publications, or other resources on a daily basis.”

Content curation is an integral part of social media marketing, and almost every legitimate brand participates in it to some extent.
When you do it correctly, this practice can do the following:

  • boost your brand equity
  • establish you as a thought leader
  • bring in a steady stream of high quality traffic

More specifically, “41% of marketers that curate content indicate it has increased the number and/or quality of their sales-ready leads.”

In conclusion, all five of these content marketing tactics are incredibly useful for revving up your traffic.

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