Our pedigree in advertising, branding and design ensures that any materials, messaging or campaigns stay on-brand − whether your company is a hundred years old or new and in need of a clearer, stronger identity. We enhance your company’s marketing efforts to make you stand out, while driving qualified and trackable data.
Social media
Social media consists of any channel of digital/web-based communication that allows a party to communicate directly with the public without the traditional barriers of an editor, reporter or gatekeeper. Each social platform has the unique ability to bring together a large variety of people and enable them to share thoughts and opinions directly in real-time. Latitude 46 can assist you with social media management, marketing or campaigns across a variety of social platforms.
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an ever-changing world, and our SEO strategies evolve with these changes. We use keywords, strategically placed web elements, earned media, video and optimized interactive elements to perform well for your company’s search goals.
Paid Search
Paid search can be part of your SEM strategy. We encourage clients big and small to consider paid search through behavioral targeting, retargeting, custom channels and Google AdWords. Plans can be scaled for different budgets and audience behaviors.

Latitude 46 - Digital Marketing