Videos on Facebook and other social media are now a fundamental tool in the overall marketing strategy to promote your product or brand.

We’re all more likely to watch a video instead of reading a post, because it’s easier and more entertaining.

Almost 50% of consumers interact with video on their Facebook feed, which has demonstrated an increment in conversions by 83%. With these numbers you should use facebook video to promote your products/services.

But… have you ever done a video?

It’s not a simple task as it takes different skills that often are not present in small/medium size companies.

Making a good video means to have experience in marketing, copywriting, graphics and video editing. There are some do-it-yourself solutions but if you don’t have all the skillsets required we recommend choosing an outsource solution for the creation of the videos.

Videos can be used to reach your Facebook audience directly (or other social media followers) and through paid campaigns.

In both cases, Latitude 46 can be used to manage your campaigns and social profiles and to make the most effective video for your strategy/goal.